Tuesday, January 25, 2011

SiSu- thank you Finland!


I just finished watching Dr. Tim Tyson's webcast. While listening to Dr. Tyson speak, I found myself mentally leaving his webcast to focus my attention on how the topics he was speaking about impact my day. The reason I was able to mentally leave reality was due to Dr. Tyson touching upon some depressing points, depressing because we as Americans created our own bleak future. As a product of this culture and this country, it is embarrassing and disheartening to know we as a nation have invested so much time, energy and financial resources into all the wrong areas (the state of Rhode Island boasting about having the most Dunkin Donuts). The US when compared academically to other nations is lagging in all areas.

I can confidently say that I see myself as an educator that has the will, courage and potential to instill in my students a sense of excitement and curiosity for their future. However, it isn't enough to see, I need to be in the present. I do not have a clear vision of how to accomplish this goal.

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